Reliable, bespoke internet service is absolutely crucial to the success of any business.

Where on earth would we be nowadays without our high-speed internet connection ? At the end of a dole queue, most likely, cursing the poor advice we accepted from our supposed IT expert! Fortunately ICT clients should have no such problem.

Our engineers will work with you to tailor the best possible internet set-up and capability based on your unique requirements, your geography and your company’s future goals and aspirations.

From budget ADSL broadband, to microwave, to superfast leased line fibre, ICT’s expertise can ensure you have exactly what your business needs. So your organisation’s productivity need never get bogged down or stall with yet more man-hours lost to getting the system back up and running again.

Our swashbuckling partner, John Griffiths, creates and develops imaginative and superior websites that have elevated the digital offering of many of our clients.

Digital and Web Capabilities

His work manages to deftly balance flamboyant design with effective marketing and messaging and his skills have earned countless plaudits for The ICT Practice.

And his mastery of the arts in E-MAIL CAMPAIGNS, SEO, CONTENT MANAGEMENT and SOCIAL MEDIA mean ICT clients are never without a very switched-on guiding hand in all matters digital.

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