Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has, with delicious irony, been one of the great breakthroughs for the blue sky thinkers of the IT world.

Cloud computing has various different manifestations but what it allows clients of The ICT Practice to do is free up countless gigabytes of RAM for their often overworked, exhausted, deeply unimpressed and grumpy PC networks. 

By using a virtual server which appears to provide the same service as real server hardware, the bulk of your company’s computer data is constantly being updated and stored outwith your office, via software run on as little as one machine.

With their cloud computing system up and running our clients often whisper of an audible sigh of relief all the way through their office. Though perhaps they are merely sensing their own newfound sense of well-being.

The ICT Practice’s engineers can ably programme your systems to run exquisitely with little real interruption on cloud computing, utilising the latest, cutting edge software.

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