IT Support

Every single business on Earth, from spiral-eyed, banjo-wielding one man bands to all-conquering titans like Toyota, has completely unique and distinct IT consultancy, support and hosting requirements.

Understanding that your organisation has unique requirements is the first big step to making your IT a powerful commercial device. The second big step is to retain an IT expert who’ll quickly come to know and understand those requirements like the back of his hand.

Needless to say, if you’re in Birmingham or the West Midlands and you are very, very wise indeed you’ll contact The ICT Practice to learn exactly how our seasoned professionals can help make your IT perform exceptionally well.
IT Support

The ICT Practice has not only built its own robust and dynamic business on properly understanding its clients’ computing characteristics, it actually stakes its reputation on being able to diagnose issues and best practices for the future success of all clients within our network.

To achieve all of this we operate a helpdesk that allows our dynamic consultants and engineers to solve your IT problems remotely by telephone where possible, saving you time and money.

ICT clients also reap the benefits of our ongoing system health and performance monitoring to properly guard against emerging problems or dangers to the health of IT systems.

Of course, the internet and connectivity are now at the core of almost every business, not least ICT’s and microsoft outlook services, web application, creation, design and hosting are all areas in which ICT has one of the finest track records across the West Midlands and beyond.

In the event of anything catastrophic actually taking place, clients are thoroughly reassured by ICT’s offsite disaster recovery facilities. they guarantee that whenever all seems lost... all is, in fact, safe and secure. though remote servicing has increasingly become the norm, our consultants still happily carry out on-site fix & installation for networks, servers, desktops and laptops.

We like to keep IT simple and easy for you. Call us and we’ll explain exactly how we can help.

Systems & Software Performance

It’s our job to ensure you choose wisely for your IT needs. Many so-called IT experts seem to believe only in maximum computing capabilities at all times and we’ve lost count of the times they’ve browbeaten a simple sole trader into overbuilding an IT arsenal to near nuclear capacity. Clearly this is not wise or a good use of resources.

At The ICT Practice we help you choose new software or utilise existing software that will best serve you.

Our choices come from Microsoft,, Linux, Apple, Macintosh and so on. Our software comes from infinite sources to allow our clients to benefit from a blend of the most cutting edge, to the most tried, tested and reliable.

Whichever mix is best for your firm, rest assured you’ll receive our most informed and unbiased advice on which to utilise.

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Project Management

Rarely the most exciting subject, we’ll admit, but an utterly vital part of The ICT Practice’s success nonetheless.

We plan and manage every project with the utmost care and to the highest of standards to ensure that you, our client, have the very highest respect for our expertise and the quality of our work.

Of course, any old Tom, Dick or Harry with a floppy disc and a screwdriver can say the same thing.

Our performance and planning meet the rigorous and demanding standards of our accreditation body, AccredIT UK, run by no less illustrious worldwide standards body than CompTIA.

We acknowledge these standards as one of the main reasons for our consistently stellar client satisfaction ratings and are certain you will appreciate our efforts when you become a client too.

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